Have you ever thought of how marketing really works? What are the techniques used behind marketing product or service in right way to achieve best outcome? In this article, I am going to talk about 5 concepts of marketing to become an expert. I will talk these 5 concepts will help you to understand Marketing in better way.

These are the 5 concepts of marketing to become an expert.

  • The Fundamental of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing 
  • Personal Branding and Mass Trust


The Fundamentals of Marketing


It is important to understand how the fundamental of marketing works for us. When we understand the fundamental of marketing, Digital Marketing becomes very easy. Lot of people mix the digital part with the fundamentals and they end up seeing no results for their efforts used for marketing, they try to focus more on mediums of marketing like SEO, SMO, Facebook marketing etc. but in real fundamentals and marketing both works differently. 

Remember learning marketing techniques will help you for life, it is something which has never changed and will never change in future. It is a game of perception, market economics understanding and communication with people. Because no gadget can replace human and fundamental of marketing is based on human psychology.

Every business is based on marketing building a brand is impossible without doing marketing and the money spent on marketing gives you instant returns.

Marketing is the backbone of every business, right from the creation of products till the feedback from the customers marketing is required everywhere. Therefore it is necessary to learn and understand the concepts of marketing deeply. It is impossible to do business without doing marketing.

5 concepts of marketing to become expert

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing 


Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

Digital Marketing uses the digital mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Website and other social media to market wherein Traditional Marketing is using the traditional mediums like newspaper, magazines, TV ads and radio to publish their news. 

If we talk about the traditional marketing TV ads, radio and newspaper comes in mind. In traditional marketing we can reach to millions of audience at a low cost.

But today there are selected fields which use these methods effectively but overall it is not effective for most of the business to use traditional marketing.

Because of few reasons You cannot reach to specific targeted audience, you cannot keep the track of your ads. You cannot monitor how accurately it is helping you increase business. Traditional marketing will help you to reach out to mass audience but mostly it will help you to create your brand awareness in market.

As we talk about the digital marketing we can think of wide angle for marketing Email, website, social media marketing and many others. Today we can see the technology and gadgets are the part of every human being life. Digital marketing will be smart way to market your products and services. 

The advantages of marketing via digital mediums you have access to control. You can track your activities, you can monitor the response of your audience and you can reach out to the right audience which will help you generate more sales effectively. 


5 concepts of marketing to become expert

C.A.T.T Marketing Funnel


What do you understand when we talk about CATT Marketing funnel ?

What does CATT means ? (Content, Attention, Trust, & Transaction) 

Let us understand how the CATT funnel works.

When we talk about CATT funnel it starts with Niche selection it is the most important thing. You select the niche with the hungry market where you will reach out to the right people, who are having problems and you will be the solution to them with your products and services.

[C] – Content – Create useful content to engage your audience. Blog post, videos, podcast, lead magnet, live webinars etc are the form of creating content. It is an asset to your business which attract users to your tribe. 

[A] – Attention – Use of Social media, SEO, Paid ads and Referrals helps you to drive attention (Traffic) to your content.

[T] – Trust – You have to build trust with your audience without trust you cannot expect them to buy from you. You can use trip wires, marketing automation and re-targeting, you can also use the deep marketing method to build trust with your audience.

[T] – Transaction – It is the final step where you see how the CATT funnel works.

You have to start converting your leads into customers. But at the same time you need to have sales call, sales webinar, sales page and video sales letter. Without sales you will not be able to covert your leads into your customers.


5 concepts of marketing to become expert

Integrated Digital Marketing 


Integrated word defines itself and if you understand the meaning of integration you will automatically understand the integrated digital marketing.

Each and every module in digital marketing is powerful in it’s own way, but when all the modules of digital marketing like SEO, SMM(Social media marketing), content marketing, Email marketing and paid marketing are combined together it shows the powerful effect which is unstoppable. 

Personal Branding and Mass Trust blueprint.


Personal branding is very important if you want to grow your business it helps you to develop trust among your audience. People like to communicate with people rather then company/brand. Personal brand can give rise to many brands from its influence. 

Remember without learning you cannot build personal brand.


Mass Trust Blueprint


Learn: The new skills through concepts facts and procedures. Understand the concepts remember the facts and practice the procedures.

Work: Implement in real world what you have learned, it will give you strong understanding. Start working go from practice to implementation. (Work= job/freelancing/ own project.) 

Blog: Without writing you cannot build personal brand, start writing because nobody knows that you know something. Write about what you have learned and experienced through your work when you start writing you start understanding better. 

Consult: Now when you have a personal brand through your blog, you have work experience and you have learned the fundamentals deeply, you can start consulting other business instead of working for them or as a freelancer.

Mentor: Mentor others who want to become like you. It will help you to scale your understanding to a whole new level. 

Startup: Start your own product or service business with the understanding you have developed about the market, the problem and your own skills. 


Summary and conclusion

In this blog we have learned about the concepts of marketing, how we can do marketing in a better way and what challenges we face while the marketing process.

We also learned about the 5 concepts of marketing to become expert.

We have gone through the basic understanding of how these concepts work.

The fundamentals of marketing, Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing, 

CATT Marketing funnel, Integrated digital marketing, Personal branding and Mass trust blueprint. 

This blog post was done for the assignment purpose of digital deepak internship program

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